About A Fine Shine

Do you want to clean your windows but don’t have the time and the tools to do it? Do you find it frustrating to see the stains and the deep-seated dirt that won’t come off after hours of cleaning? Maybe you just cannot reach those spots. You may have considered calling professional window cleaners but they are rude or a ‘no-call no-show’ after calling them several times. Now you are running out of time for that house party, holiday, or a visit from your in-laws.

Let us take care of your windows while you take care of your family, work, parties, and other activities that are very important for you! No more stress!

We have over 20 years of experience and proven customer satisfaction. We send our employees through an extensive training process.  We also do background checks on them to ensure your safety and protection. We take great pride in our meticulous cleaning procedures, and look forward to servicing you.

Call us now for a free estimate at 405-340-3914 (Oklahoma) or 817-924-0805
(Texas). Visit our website at www.afineshine.com.


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